How does Jewlybox work?

For just $19.95 receive a gorgeous curated collection of jewelry delivered straight to your door! Jewlybox has been named one of the best subscription boxes of 2019 and the reviews are in! Women all across the world are enjoying a new way of shopping for jewelry.

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Enjoy gorgeous jewelry!

"Curated With Heart ♡" - Brandi

This was my first Jewely Box and I loved all 5 of my pieces. It is so nice to have this beautiful jewelry. The earrings were beyond cute! I also recieved 2 necklaces that were totally my style. It's like they read my mind!! Super stoked to get next months box already!! This is my new favorite subscription box....very happy!

"Delightful Surprise" - Kate

I tried Jewlybox on a whim because I had a coupon. I didn't have high hopes that they would get my style based on the pics on their site. So I actually canceled my subscription when I knew my first box was on the way, but I hadn't gotten it yet. Then... I got my box and it was fabulous. So fabulous that I immediately restarted my subscription. I can't wait for my next box!!

"Obsessed is an understatement!" - Katherine

This is the best jewelry subscription box out there! Jewlybox does such a great job at combining affordability with luxury! You really have an experience opening the box and seeing all the gorgeous jewelry inside. They do such a great job at curating the boxes exactly to your style! I love this subscription and can't wait to get my next box!!

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Jewlybox is revolutionizing the way women shop for Jewelry worldwide.  We are a company run by women and its our mission to empower women through the jewelry they wear to give them the confidence they need to slay each day.  All of our pieces are named after women all around the world! Join in on the revolution that is truly changing the way women buy and shop for jewelry.