The Tennessean: Brentwood entrepreneur finds success with jewelry subscription business

Brentwood native Katie Schimmel says she has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. At age 10, she would buy things at neighborhood yard sales and resell them on Ebay.

Her parents urged her to get a degree and a real job, which she did. And then she realized the entrepreneur inside her couldn’t stand spending her days working for someone else. She left her job in December to focus full time on her own business, which until this point, had been a hobby.

She had dabbled in a jewelry subscription service she called Jewlybox, where subscribers would receive three pieces of fashion jewelry for a flat fee. Up until last year, she was running the business out of her small Brentwood apartment.

Now, in her first office space on Maryland Way, Schimmel exceeded her 2018 sales in the first quarter of 2019 and she’s on track to do six figures in business this year. We sat down with Schimmel and got the fun facts on her burgeoning business.

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Jewlybox Takes Over Billboards in Times Square for Mother’s Day

For Mother’s Day weekend, Jewlybox took over several billboards in the buzzing Times Square area. Campaigns were run across 3 different locations in the Times Square area.


News Channel 5: Nashville native launches online jewelry-subscription service, Jewlybox

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — It's a local company founded by women - for women. Nashville native Katie Schimmel is the founder of Jewlybox . And says she's helping online shoppers find their inner sparkle.

"It all happened within about a year. I was running this [company] of my 600-square-foot apartment," she said.

Before she set-up shop in a Brentwood business park, Schimmel had just started her career in corporate America.

She stumbled on the idea while shopping for jewelry and noticed the massive markup.

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